Ascendy is a leader for knowledge and a desire to expand the parameters of how success is achieved.

Success leaves clues.

Ascendy is a multi-dimensional success hub, where you have the opportunity to learn and share what it means to ascend to the top. It is a place where the detours aren’t eclipsed by unicorn-style success stories. We want the nitty gritty of the sleepless nights, long hours at the office, product failures and unexpected turns of the entrepreneurial journey to success. 

Ascendy is a community where realist entrepreneurs can learn, share, and thrive.

At Ascendy, we believe success isn’t confined to just one vertical defined as ‘business.’ We believe success clues are found in the creative arts, sports, health, fitness and business commerce, and that in the merging of the these, we can ascend to the top.  

We aim to fortify you with inspirational content from some of the greatest business minds of our time. We’ll deliver reviews of chart-topping business books to literary works and share success stories from serial entrepreneurs to athletes and creative artists. Join our community and get your success clues. Learn from other’s trials, failures and successes.