Networking Up Through Social Classes

If networking is based on a what can you do for me relationship. How is the poor and lower class able to network with the wealthy for advantages?

How Does Networking Work?

Networking is when you talk with and meet new people in order to exchange value. But how can you exchange value with people that have more than you or don’t perceive you as valuable?

Typically when you are networking you are looking for something, but you need to be able to provide something in return. If you are a college student you are looking for a job, and you hopefully have skills that you can provide to the company, or at least you have the ability to sell yourself.

If you are a business owner and you are looking for investors, you will be looking to network with them and provide an opportunity for them to make a return on their investment and you will get a monetary investment for your business.

Can the Poor and Lower Class Network with Wealthy for Advantages and Opportunities?

Now I ask the question, can the poor and lower class network with the wealthy for advantages in life? Networking books talk about networking like it is only a matter of getting out there and talking to people and building relationships.

However, is it really this easy? If networking is based on two people providing value to each other, then how does a poor person provide value to a wealthy person enough for the wealthy person to see the value and want to help or work with the poor or working class person?

Is this a part of the reason that the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor? Is there a boundary line between classes and networking opportunities that we cannot see that prevent us from bringing other people up? Or is it a matter of skill needs and differences that don’t align that discourage opportunities for other people to access help?

How Can the Poor and Lower Class Provide Value and Network with the Wealthy?

If this is the case. How can poor and working class individuals network and provide value to upper class individuals without being a cheap employee? Is there something that we need to do better as a society?

I pose this question because there may be a need for more individualized content that helps explain the reasons that opportunities are not always available to lower class individuals. There are undiscussed practices and methods that lead to opportunities in life that not everyone has access to, and I am here to share that information.

Do you have experience with networking and finding a huge business opportunity or helping someone else find a great business opportunity, we want to hear from you.

Share you perspective in the comments!

Written by Markquis Simmons


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