Persistence is The Common Denominator for Success

Being successful requires dedication to virtues. It requires hard work and persistence to get the end result.

Everyone wants to be successful, but does everyone turn out to be successful?

Being successful requires dedication to virtues. It requires hard work and persistence.

Yes, you need to be hardworking to be successful, but without persistence, you may not really get there. Persistence keeps you on the defined goal throughout hardship or failure.

Not everyone has these traits, and not everyone is prepared to be patient. Persistence and patience go hand in hand.

What exactly is persistence?

Persistence requires one to continue trying despite difficulties and obstacles. It is the determination to do something against all odds. It is the act of being unrelenting in any situation.

When you know what you want and know you have to get it, you go for it, despite the fact that it may seem impossible.

Persistence is the key to success. It is the common denominator and the backbone for success. Whatever thing you want to achieve requires persistence. The difference between an achieved success and a failed one is persistence.

However, it is difficult to be remain persistent; it requires discipline. Bear in mind that nothing good comes easy and every great achievement or successful thing you see today is a result of persistence.

Persistence Brings Success

You must have heard of Thomas Edison, the famous light bulb inventor? It may interest you to know that this man failed his experiments of producing light bulb 1000 times. Yet, he persisted. Today we have electricity all over the world as one of man’s greatest invention.

Sumner Redstone, in his own words, said, ” Great success is built on failure, frustration, even catastrophe”. Henry Ford, the inventor of the famous Ford, failed multiple times and burned through investors money before he produced a working car.

Remember Walt Disney? He was fired by a newspaper editor because ” he lacked any imagination and had absolutely no good ideas.” Look at Disneyland today, a work of wonderful imagination and superb ideas, visited by people from all over the world.

That is exactly what persistence does. Persistence says, ” try and try again, even if you fail, try.”

Why Persist?

Whether it is personal success, to get healthy, to make more money, get good grades, or business success, to reach a business target and all that, persistence is needed. Life as a whole requires one to be persistent.

There may come a time in your life when you may feel like giving up because things are probably not working out just the way you expected them to. You may begin to over think and slowly get to discouraged by the lack of progress. You must remember, persistence is key. You have to keep pushing and believing that things will turn out right. Worrying never solved anything, it only leads to unnecessary psychological issues.

No successful person in the world today got there by just relaxing and being lazy. There was hard work, lots of it and of course, persistence.

As said earlier, persistence requires discipline, in the sense that you are pursuing or seeking something and have to remain focused, put all your attention on it, and neglect distractions.

To everyone out there who is working really hard to achieve a set goal, keep being persistent and the sky won’t be your limit because men have been to the moon and back; the sky will be your stepping stone. Always have it in mind that you must keep trying to achieve success. Little drops of water make an mighty ocean, as is popularly said.

Failure doesn’t mean you cannot. It means there’s a chance to do better.

So go on and succeed.

Written by Markquis Simmons


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