People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Solutions to Problems

It is easy to think your prospects are interested in your products, when in fact they are more interested in solving their problem.

The Illusion of Great Products

Think about all of the great products you buy. Nice suits to wear to events, clorox to clean your bathroom, or california king mattress so you and your spouse can have more room in your bed. Whatever the product is, we usually think of the product as the main interest and the thing that inspires us to spend our money. In my opinion, this is far from the truth.

Problems need solutions (we actually like solutions to our problems, not products)
Upon a closer investigation, most people are buying these products because they solve a problem. They are a solution to something that needs to be solved. Anytime you buy something you are making that purchase because it solves an issue that you are experiencing.

For example, when you buy a designer shirt and you wear that shirt out to an event. You are not buying the shirt because you want the shirt to sit in your closet. You are buying the shirt because of how it makes you feel. You are making that investment because the shirt makes you feel confident, and possibly more comfortable than other shirt options.

If you buy a bookshelf, you’re buying it because you need a place to put your books, you’re not buying it because you like to have book shelves sitting in your house with no books. If you buy a hotdog at a baseball game, you are not buying it because you feel like giving your money away, you are buying it because you don’t want to be hungry anymore.

Understanding Your Buying

I think this is any easy misconception to make about why you buy the things that you buy. It helps to have this view so you can ask yourself, do I need this thing? Or am I just trying to get a temporary experience or feeling that this thing provides.

Understanding Selling

And on the other hand, if you are selling. You want to remember that people are not buying your product because they love what you made and they love the features of the product. As a salesperson, it can be easy to forget that people are not buying your product for the features.

Selling features is a quick way to bore your prospects. So it is important to remember their goal is the solution to their problem. They are buying because they have a problem that needs to be solved, and your product or service can solve it better than someone else.

Let me know what your think about this selling concept in the comments!

Written by Markquis Simmons


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