Music Artist The Weeknd and his Business Savvy Superbowl Performance

The Weeknd is not paid for the Superbowl performance and adds 7 million dollars to his performance budget.

The Weeknd performs during the halftime show of the NFL Super Bowl 55 football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Killer Performance

The Weeknd had one of the best Superbowl performances of all time, and not only that, but he did not involve other artists, only dancers.

He showed his quality by performing eight songs alone and captured the audiences attention and gained new fans (including me).

He killed the Superbowl performance because the artist used various metaphors such as rocking bandages and bruises to add to the creative genius of his performance and music.

Also, the performance was well above others because it involved the quality and versatility of the songs and musical composition was something new a high quality.

Invest In Your Success

The Super Bowl Halftime show was very costly, where Weeknd is estimated to have spent about $7 million of his own money on production! This means not only did he not get paid, but he used his own money to build a better performance!

Spending more money on not just any performance but a Superbowl performance is genius and a very smart business move. The artist got exposed to many audiences, which definitely improved his songs’ sales and subscriptions.

It is estimated that about 100 million people watched the show live, and such a huge following will translate to money when they buy and subscribe to his songs and music.

Future Return on Investment

Although direct and immediate return was not evident during the Super Bowl performance, there are various benefits that the artist will get in the near future. Following the performance, it is estimated to attract about 100 million viewership and ad revenue generated was about $450 million dollars (Knopper, 2021).

Further, the artist formed a good background for future performances, and more audiences are likely to attend to his future performance that will be an incredible return on investment years to come.

The Weeknd’s business savvy decision to invest in his own performance was a huge move and shows that he understands the concept of return on investments.

What kind of investments would you make as a musician for your brand?

Written by Markquis Simmons


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