Marketing 101: Give First – Top 5 Thing To Give To Your Prospects

What should you be giving to your prospects before the sale happens?


These days content is king and customers are making there way through the sales funnel without your influence. Most prospects want to check out websites, read publications, white papers and ebooks to figure out what is hot in the market and where a market is going.

Content is number one on this list because without content your potential customers won’t know you are out there with a product or service that could help them!

You want to create a content strategy that will provide value and insight to your prospects! The best thing that you can do is provide information or product differentiation that nobody else can match in your industry.

Once you provide this information to your prospects you are on the right track to making a sale.

2. Webinars or Podcast

The next thing is a webinar or podcast. People these days are consuming their content in the form of videos, webinars or podcasts. This content can be consumed and digested faster for the listener.

This is as easy as using a phone app that can record your interview and upload them to a platform that your audience is familiar with.

3. Industry or competitor insight

Third on the list is industry or competitor insight. Prospects love when you are bringing them information about what a competitor is doing in the industry. There are plenty of times when I call leads and I drop the name of a Fortune 500 company my business helped.

It works every time and the prospect mostly always agrees to a meeting. Just make sure you deliver some valuable information and again, make sure your product is best in class or has a clear differentiator.

4. Money

Last but not least, the best thing you can give your client is money. IF you are selling b2b, your product or service should raise their bottom line and allow them to acquire new customers or increase efficiency that leads them to increase their performance.

If you have more ideas about what you give your prospects, prior to the sale. Drop your ideas in the comments section!

Written by Markquis Simmons


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