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How To Maximize Your Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing/Drop shipping is easy. The difficult parts is finding your “Why”, creating a strategy, and staying consistent. For anyone who has been presented with an opportunity or seen an add you know the focus is on how easy it is and how much potential money you can get. In the right situation and with the right motivation this is indeed possible. These days their are no excuses on being successful with the many opportunities and the connectivity made possible by the internet. For affiliate marketing there are 3 major keys to focus on early to establish a foundation for success. Understand your opportunity, this entails sourcing the affiliate program that works for you and knowing it back to front. Know your ‘WHY’, what motivates you to keep going day in and day out. Know your Strategy, often the approach of affiliate programs is to emphasize how easy it is, but not every strategy works for everyone so finding the strategy that works for you and bringing that to the opportunity can help create a fit that will work.


Understand The Oppurtunity

What ever affiliate your signing up for usually has a breadth of information for you as an affiliate. Your going to want to go through all of this information at least once but really until you fully understand your opportunity. This is when I like to say run the math, what do I have to do and how many times do I have to do it to get how much money. From you should have a list of questions that your can usually shoot towards whoever invited you but that you should get answered early in the opportunity or even before paying any up front cost before getting into the opportunity.. (many free opportunities out there so don’t be afraid to try a few out). It’s definitely worth it to approach it open to the strategy presented by the affiliate program but taking everything with a grain of salt, if they say everybody makes 10 affiliate commissions their first week expect to only hit half of that. Try their steps and make sure you take note to what you like and what you don’t like so that you can implement your own strategy that works for you.

Know Your “Why”

Best case scenario is you are a staunch supporter of the product you are affiliated with, you use it often and your speaking from experience when referring others to the product. Aligning your current activities, job, hobbies, and or expertise with your affiliate is the ideal situation but sometimes it takes time to get to that point. Regardless of the specific opportunity, knowing why you even want to take on an affiliate program is key. Whether it’s freedom, wealth, to by a car in the next few months, or to help pay bills it needs to be clear and incorporated into your routine specifically when engaging with the affiliate program. For instance I would always use the story of why I joined a charity when asking for donations. This really kept the why at the forefront and made things much more natural for me when it came to referring people to a charity on the other side of the world. For you it deosn’t have to be that connected but having a picture of your family in the notebook that you keep your notes and track your data would be great. Having the name of the car your planning to buy with the extra money incorporated into the password is another great way  This will keep you motivated and through the boring, uneventful times

Create Your System

Ultimately you want a system where you control a single output and you get a given result. For every 10 people I talk to 1 person signs up or buys the product which gets me $10. Likely the affiliate program will have it’s own system but it may not work for you (7a at at train station) so creating a system that works for you. Whether it’s email everyone in your linked in protocol, create a new social media and post 3 times a day. Create a specific strategy with a factor you can control for instance, posting on social media and # of posts a day you make. Week and week out you can tweak these numbers in hopes to get better or more specific results. Maybe you learn that 1 post 1 video and 20 comments a day get you more clicks on your link then 10 posts. Figure this out as soon as possible experiment as much as you like and find a system that works fro you and remember your why.

Stay Consistent

The final step is staying consistent, which will be easier or harder depending on who and where you are are the specific opportunity. If your open and willing to try different things sticking to your system and showing up consistently whether its committing 2 hrs every Sunday morning if you can stay consistent for a prolonged amount of time. Usually 6 months is a great guage and with consistent effort it should be clear if this oppurtunity will be right for you.

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Written by Ishmael Stinson

Independent Producer and Brand Consultant


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