Anaerobic and Aerobic Exercise, Whats the Difference?

What is the difference? Understand your health goals.

Modern sports and exercise science studies have shown that not all types of exercises provide the same results. Depending on your body type and your exercise goals, some approaches may yield better results than others. Knowing anaerobic and aerobic exercises would help you know how to best approach your workouts.

The basic concept that must be understood about aerobic and anaerobic exercises revolves around the level of oxygen consumption.


Exercise requires energy in one or the other form. During aerobic workouts, effort is moderate and there is sufficient oxygen to sustain the level of activity for a long period of time without consuming additional energy. Our body uses glycogen and fat as fuel during this phase.

Aerobic exercise is an endurance activity taking place for longer times, depending on establishing a balance between the intake and expenditure of Oxygen. There is no production of lactic acid during aerobic workouts. Aerobic exercise improves health and overall quality of life and. Moreover, it burns fat, strengthens your heart, improves your mood, strengthens your lungs and reduces the risk of diabetes. Here are the top 5 aerobic exercises to achieve your short  term fitness goals and long term health goals.

  1. Swimming
  2. Skiing
  3. Jogging or Running
  4. Walking
  5. Cycling


On the other hand, during anaerobic exercise, oxygen consumption in your body is not sufficiently matched to supply the energy needs being placed on your muscles. As a result, your muscles start breaking sugars, producing a higher amount of lactic acid. The higher amount of lactic acid leads to discomfort and fatigue at sustained levels.

Simply, the anaerobic activity involves quick bursts of energy and is performed at maximum effort for a short period of time. During anaerobic workouts, glycogen is used as fuel. Anaerobic exercise is helpful for weight management as it burns more calories. Moreover, it helps build lean muscle mass, build endurance and fitness levels. Here are the top 5 anaerobic workouts.

  1. Weight lifting
  2. Sprints
  3. Polymetrics
  4. Isometrics
  5. High-Intensity interval training


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Written by Markquis Simmons


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