There Is No Single Secret for Entrepreneurship but It Helps To Love What You Do

There is no single secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur, but it helps if you love what you do!

How an entrepreneur is born

Often times we ask, how do entrepreneurs do it?

In my quest I have found that entrepreneurship starts with an idea – an idea that you can help someone else.

When I think of a successful entrepreneur, I think of someone that is providing a service or product that positively benefits other people’s lives. When you’re buying your first Tesla, organic fruit to eat, or an ergonomic keyboard so you can work more efficiently without injury, all of these products are valued through through the comfort they provide or the problem they solve.

When you become an entrepreneur, you have to train yourself to take on the mentality of a producer versus a consumer. It is important to understand the value of both perspectives because one cannot exist without the other.

The difference between a producer and a consumer is that producers create value for others while consumers purchase products that benefit their lives. Producers spend money to accomplish goals, make investments and create assets. Consumers spend money on services to help them reach a goal.

I had to get used to the idea that I would help someone else by providing an outstanding product or service. Whether I was selling watches or running shoes, I would put my best foot forward for myself and the customer.

What really makes a successful entrepreneur

If you are here, it is because you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Let’s take a look at a few qualities that have helped other entrepreneurs realize success.

1. Love what you do

Go ahead and love what you do and revel in the success of finding your purpose! We all need a job but most of us do not have the benefit of choosing something we love. Most jobs are not going to be exactly what you ask for. Invest the time to find your passion.

2. The ability to adapt

Be flexible and learn to adapt! Markets, technologies, and techniques are always changing; develop the ability to adapt to the changes. You must be willing to try new things to stay ahead of the competition and keep your customers happy.

3. Continuously expand your knowledge

Learn and expand your knowledge! Develop a thirst for knowledge and resist the urge to become content with your current knowledge base. Best practices and curriculum is always changing. What you know today will be old news next week!

4. Stay Competitive

Embrace the competition! It’s not necessary to be aggressive with competitors but if you stay aware of what’s being offered to your customer and strive to beat your own last performance, you will keep your customers satisfied.

5. Remain Undeterred by failure

Develop a thick skin against failure. Failures and detours will teach you more than successes. Try something, fail, modify, and repeat to strengthen your business muscle.

My entrepreneurial calling

The day I figured out what I wanted to do for a business, my entire life changed. I felt one step closer to career contentment and experienced some genuine care-free productivity. My primary job no longer felt like a weight on my back. Suddenly, everything I had learned at my job became techniques I could utilize in my new business venture. Opportunities were working in tandem for the first time.

Love what you do

To love what you do means you are emotionally invested in the outcome of your efforts, services, or product. It is the feeling you get when you close a sale, when you gain more subscribers on your blog, or when your software product becomes a top solution in the field.

We should all have a chance to bring genuine happiness into our life through business. Take time to find what you love.

We want to hear from you. Tell us about the business you love and how you got there.

Written by Markquis Simmons


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