The Creative Process of the Most Successful 80’s Bands

The creative processes of successful 80s bands is something that can be applicable in our lives and even our business today.

No one has ever simple woken up one morning and become and outstanding success; they all have their processes.

Whether they are a band, a group, a company, or even a single individual. Everyone has their own creative process that they trust, and that works for them. In taking a look at these creative processes, we would be looking into that of the most successful bands of the 80’s. What was it like, how did they get along, how did they make music that blew the charts?

These are the question we want to try to answer with our insight.

The creative processes of successful 80’s bands is something that can be applicable in our lives and even our business today.


Many of the most successful 80’s bands where known for experimenting, they almost never settled for any particular style.

They were incredibly curious about music, types of music, what people liked in music, and all of that. They were never the types to sit back and relax because they had made one hit single; they kept pushing the limit and pushing the boundaries.

This process of constant experimentation and trying out new things led many of them to become innovators when it comes to music. When you think of great bands, you think of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, these bands are classic examples of those that did not stay within a box, they broke out of the box and even broke the entire box so they could never get back in.

They were not afraid to take risks when it came to trying out new things in the world of music.

Working Together

Another process that these bands used that worked excellently well for them is the fact that they learned to work together.

Their innovation did not just come from one person; it was a team effort. In fact, one could call it team innovation. These bands learned how to bring in a piece of each members personality, character, and soul into their music.

This reflected their bands as a whole but, also was able to reflect each and every individual member of their band. They never highlighted or isolated one member of their band, even when they had lead singers, they always made sure that each band member’s importance was evident.

Working Together Closely

Many of them practiced living together in order to create and record the majority of their songs. All ideas were equally listened to and voted on.

These bands knew what it meant to be a collaboration, and they exploited it well to make sure that they came out on top.

While they continued to do this and to experiment, they also did not forget about their audience. They always made sure to bring in parts of different cultures and things that their audience can relate with into their music.

These features and influences where fused with their innovative, out of the box music creation, and even their music production. They made sure that their music was something people would effortlessly relate to and love. This worked excellently well for them as they became very successful.

Passion Strategy

Successful bands in the 80’s took into consideration everything about their passion and melded it with business strategies; this gave them the amazing success that they had, and still have till today.

Studying and implementing the creative processes of these 80’s bands is something that everyone may want to give a try as there is so much to be learned from them.

Written by Markquis Simmons


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