Most in Demand Skills for 2021

These are the skills you should learn to stay competitive in the market.

In recent years, companies have been integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations. Leaders are now constantly looking for people with skills in AI and automation. As the world of technology continue to advance, the demand for these skills is only growing bigger. In 2021, technology roles are dominating the list of “most in demand jobs” and “best jobs” for futures. Let’s have a look at some of the best sort after skills:

  1. Cloud Computing

Many companies are migrating from traditional server infrastructure to integration of cloud solutions. With this development, the demand for IT professionals in this area continues to rise. Companies like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are now changing their products to focus more on a string team of cloud expertise. One of the easiest ways to earn this skills is to take the free Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) course offered by Simplilearn.

  1. Cybersecurity

As many companies took their operations online in 2020, cybersecurity was ranked as one of the most important feature. Companies were concerned about the safety of customer and user information they collect. Within a short time, there was a shortage of cybersecurity skills that created an in demand market for those who have skills in cybersecurity, network security, information security, and vulnerability assessment skills. Given how massive this area is, taking a full degree course is the best way to gain cybersecurity skills.

  1. AI and Machine Learning

As AI and Machine learning continue to revolutionize industries across the globe, the demand for these skills has been on the rise. In 2020, artificial intelligence specialist was ranked as the number 1 emerging job for the year in the UK. Among the most sort after skills include Python, TensorFlow, Natural Language Processing, R, and Java. Taking a machine learning engineering course is the best way to earn this skill.

  1. DevOps

Businesses are using DevOps professionals to revolutionize how they meet the growing demands of their customers. With this trend, the demand for DevOps professionals who can work with other areas of the business are on high demand. They allow businesses to speed up their operations and development cycles while ensuring security and accuracy of processes. You can acquire this skills by taking a DevOps Engineering degree or taking online courses in this area.

  1. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

VR and AR, which are collectively known as Extended Reality (XR) will be on high demand in 2021 and moving into the future. Companies in advertising, entertainment, health, and education have adopted this technology for various reasons. Most software engineers are predict that the full impact of XR will be evident in the next 5 years as experts continue to explore this area. If you are interested in gaining this skills, the Introduction to Augmented Reality and ARCore by Coursera is a good place to start.

  1. Product Managers

As companies implement more AI and cloud projects, they will need someone to keep these projects on track. Product managers ensure that the projects are fully implemented and address the needs of the company. They also help companies is utilizing innovative technologies to improve the functioning of the business. Being a product manager is easier as there are several online courses covering this skills.

  1. Business Intelligence Analysis

Business intelligence analysts gather and analyze data using database technologies, analytics software, and reporting tools. This skill is needed in 2021 to provide data-driven analysis of competitors while giving a clear snapshot of the company’s standing in the industry. Several online learning platforms like Udemy and Coursera readily offer this skills.

Bottom Line

The world of skills and work is constantly changing. As many organization focus on returning to growth and protecting their future, technology-based skills are the most sort after skills in 2021.

Written by Markquis Simmons


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