Sustainability in Business and Technology

Hyper awareness and innovation seem to be going hand and hand, technology and business seem to be solving new and diverse issues as they discover them. With this comes an increased awareness on business practices and overall impact on our planet, our lives, and eachother. That’s why sustainability is key to the business and technology for 2021 and beyond.

Sustainability – “the sustainability of economic growth”

  • avoidance of the depletion of natural resources to maintain an ecological balance.

Approaching new business with sustainability in mind not only drives innovation to be more efficient and more self-aware but can lead to innovative advancements. From packaging to business waste, we are almost completely out of space making it more and more expensive to be wasteful. Sustainability is keeping the bottom line at the forefront. Also creating self-sustained loop where you not only create the business supply but you satiate the demand insulating you from outside factors such as epidemics, economic downturn, and social movements.


Any new idea needs room to grow and change in unique ways. With a sustainable mindset scalability is somewhat innate. By defaults having a sustainable makes things that much easier to scale up. If your already maximizing efficiency you are primed to grow and build upwards without too many things holding you down. This is hugely important in todays market as things are moving faster then ever. Just 10 years ago concepts like uber and Airbnb were completely foreign the ability for uber to have models that open the door to scalable models allow them to grow to their maximum potential. You never know what your idea will breed and making sure you are scalable from the beginning will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Quality of Life

Faster, stronger, easier with a sustainable cost-efficient scalable business models, ultimately your boat will be be ready for any storm. There’s no doubt taking on new endeavors will be difficult, but if around every corner you are prepared to take on the load you as an owner, CEO, board member or share holder’s life will be that much easier. Minimizing the friction that comes with new idea so you can focus and deal on the concepts, impact, and passions which truly drive your desire. Ultimately being open to a sustainable approach can take your business to never imagined levels.

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Written by Ishmael Stinson

Independent Producer and Brand Consultant


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