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Entrepreneurship is Persistence, Repeated Failure, and Curiosity

Entrepreneurship Is Not A Special Gene, A High IQ, Or An Ivy League University. It Is Persistence, Repeated Failure, And Curiosity.

If it were possible, everyone would have loved to be their own boss. Everyone would have loved to be an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, it is not for everyone. Regardless, several businesses are opened up every year. Some succeed and yet, others don’t.

There are successful entrepreneurs all over the world today; young, old, men, women and all different kinds of backgrounds. You see a youth of about 20 years old already owning a booming business, and you keep wondering how he got there.

Entrepreneurship entails creating, managing, and running your own business, bearing responsibility for all the risks it may involve. Being an entrepreneur does not come easy, though; there are always new things to learn and improve.

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is one thing, and being a successful entrepreneur is another thing.

Here are a few qualities of a good entrepreneur.


A successful entrepreneur must have been persistent in order to get to the level he is today. Persistence requires pushing and keeping up against all the odds. It requires bearing in mind that there are mistakes and setbacks in business. It requires being strong when these setbacks come and turning them into better business opportunities.

Passion for your job

An entrepreneur has to be very passionate about his job. It makes everything a whole lot easier because working long hours and putting effort in a business you don’t have any passion for can be very tough. When you have great passion for your job, you would want to give it your all and whatever you put in your best effort in, turns out well.


An entrepreneur has to be very disciplined in managing money and managing his business. You also have to have confidence in yourself and in the success of your business.


You must be willing to work hard against all odds. You must be determined to work hard enough to achieve your set goals.

Other qualities include having a competitive spirit and good marketing skills.

An entrepreneur must be prepared to face failure and setbacks along the way. The ability to bounce back is what makes them good entrepreneurs.

Taking the Leap Into Entrepreneurship

Before you take a leap into entrepreneurship, you have to ask yourself if you’ve got all it takes to be an entrepreneur and a good one at that. Entrepreneurship requires hard work, persistence, discipline, determination, curiosity, and failure, amongst others. Failure?  Yes! It is almost inevitable.

Failure is necessary for entrepreneurship growth. You fail or flop, learn your mistakes, and bounce back. This motivates you to do better and know the loopholes you should avoid. Tighten up all loose ends, have great determination. Watch you and your business grow!

Having, running and managing a business of your own can be very rewarding, but remember that not everyone has what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. It is not a special gift; neither does it have to do with a high IQ. It doesn’t need all your degrees. Entrepreneurship is persistence, failure, and curiosity.

To all the entrepreneurs out there striving to keep it going, keep pushing, you will get there, surely!

Written by Markquis Simmons


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